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     Controller (15")



 [ǰ ]

     Highly Integrated analog interface XGA TFT LCD Display Controller

     Handle 24-bit sampled RGB input up to XGA  75Hz

     Support various PC graphics cards

     Drive 24-bit digital RGB signal

     Truly "Plug and Display" no special driver running on PC

     Implement proprietary TFT LCD technology for
        - input mode detection and auto calibration
        - output image scaling and interpolation
        - robust detection and handing of invalid input modes

     Advanced input mode detedtion and auto calibration
        - imput mode detection
        - image expansion
        - input frequency detection
        - optimal sampling clock phase calibration

     Advanced image scaling and interpolation with
        - automatic image centering
        - automatic image expansion in both horizontal and vertical directions
        - program 



   15 inch





   17 inch




   18 inch






  Source Driver

    15 inch

    18 inch


  Gate Driver

    15 inch

    18 inch



    15 inch

    18 inch


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