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     Source Driver (18")


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     Source Driver LSI for Active Matrix LCD

     Compatible With Dot inversion, n-line inversion, column-line inversion

     No Precharging

     Liquid Crystal Outputs : 420/402

     L/R(shift-direction switching) terminals can be used to simplify LCD panel

     Fine Pitch/TCP

     Driver With Internam 6-Bit Digital Input DAC

     Maximum Operating Clock Frequencies :
       70MHz (logic Section Power Supply : 2.7V - 3.6V

     Dual Port Input

     Gamma Correction

     No Need For an External Reference Voltage Generation Circuit
       (or for Ramp Voltage or A Multi-Value Power Supply)

     Low System Power Consumption Can be Accomplished Using the Low Power Mode.

     Can Handle Heavy Loads Using the LCD Capacity Switching Mode.

     Allows for Input Data Reversing

     Logic Section Power Supply Voltage : 2.7V - 3.6V

     Liquid Crystal Drive Section Power Supply Voltage : 6V - 10V



   15 inch





   17 inch




   18 inch






  Source Driver

    15 inch

    18 inch


  Gate Driver

    15 inch

    18 inch



    15 inch

    18 inch


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