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     Controller board (18")




     Highly Integrated digital interface XGA TFT LCD Display Controller

     Handle 24-bit and 48-bit sampled RGB input up to SXGA  85Hz

     Support various PC graphics cards

     Drive 24-bit digital RGB output up to XGA 60Hz or 48-bit digital RGB
        output up to XGA 85HZ

     Support various TFT LCD panels

     Truly "Plug and Display" no special driver runing on PC

     Implement proprietary TFT LCD technology for
        - input mode detection
        - output image scaling and interpolation
        - 16.7 million true color support for 6 bit panel
        - robust detection and handing of invalid input modes
        - programmable digital input gain adjustment

     Advanced input mode detedtion
        - input refresh rate detection
        - input format detection



   15 inch





   17 inch




   18 inch





  LCD Module

  Source Driver Module

    15 inch

    18 inch


  Gate Driver Module

    15 inch

    18 inch


  Controller board

    15 inch

    18 inch


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