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    In the new millemium, Aztechs is leading the LCD into the 21st centry we keep up our study and development and put spurs to technology development Inthe future, we take the lead in life improvement as leader of digital world of the spear head

    We preferentially will produce a product for a customer and give our service to buyer Aztechs will make a culture of advanced venture concequencing resolute investment and initiativeness


   Aztechs will realize your dream into Reality
   Aztechs will Keep our Word and maintain your deram..



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Yul-ri 798-8,BNuksam-myeon 



Gyoungsangbuk-Do 7/8-845 KOREA  304, Hakyeonsan Regearch Center,  Chungbuk Nat'L Univ., 361-763 Korea




 Yul-ri 798-8,BNuksam-myeon Chilgok-gun
 Tel : 054-973-8008~9  Fax : 354-973-8157