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  Business Vision

     - TFT LCD monitor Demand Forecasting in the world
         The world TFT LCD monitor Market to reach 1200 million unit in 2001.
           and Stand-alone type leads the growth of TFT LCD monitor market

         Because of the rapid fall in FTF LCD monitor prices and many supply, High growth of
           TFT LCD monitor market is continued

         Market share of Stand-alone TFT LCD monitor will record 89% of total FPD
           (flat panel display) sales in 2001.


     - TFT LCD monitor Demand Forecasting in Korea
         TFT LCD monitor is raplace to CRT Monitor by Graqdation

         According to the IDC analysis, the TFT LCD market will grow at a rate of about 26%
           this year over last year reaching 28 million panels

         TFT LCD market will rise to 50% of total market in 2005.

                            * Price rate : price rate TFT LCD to CRT to the same screen size(%)
                            * Market share : Market share of TFT LCD monitor to total monitor market(%)



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 Business Vision





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